Looking after your latex


Take care when trying your latex when you first receive it. At first, use a little talcum powder on the inside if necessary to help get it on. Only use a dressing lube or shiner once you have decided to keep it.

Pull it on carefully, removing any jewellery and being careful of finger nails.

NEVER use any type of oil on your latex. Do not wear any kind of body oil when dressing, as this could weaken the latex.

Avoid contact with perfume.


Store latex away from light, ideally in a suit bag or covered with a clean black refuse sack in a wardrobe or in a plastic bag in a drawer. Store different coloured latex pieces separately as lighter colours can become discoloured if stored next to darker or brighter colours.


Handwash your latex in lukewarm mild soapy water and rinse thoroughly. Hang to dry (ideally over a bath) or towel dry, but do not hang outside to dry. Clean your latex soon after wearing. Use either powder or polish for storing to prevent the latex sticking to itself. DO NOT IRON.

Also, do not allow lighter coloured latex to come into contact with metal, particularly copper-based items such as coins and jewellery as these can permanently discolour latex.

Keep away from naked flame.

Avoid sharp objects.


While we will make every effort to ensure your order is delivered safely and on time, we cannot take responsibility for failure of delivery, or damage to goods in transit, due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control.